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Providing High Quality Services
Yearly Contract Discounts!

Cloud Backup

HIPAA Certified Encrypted Backup Service
  • Client Software Included - Server & Workstations
  • Daily Encrypted Cloud Backup With USB Backup Location Option
  • Windows - Linux - macOS - Synology
  • Intuitive User Control Panel With Stats & Restoration Options

Remote Support

Remote Software & Phone Support & Vendor Contact Support
  • Yearly Contract Discounts & Service Call / Hardware Discounts
  • Remote Control Support & Vendor Contact Support
  • Find & Fix Problems Fast, TXT & Call Contact

Competitive Pricing

On-Site Services & Installations
We Install It All

  • Effortlessly transform your space with our comprehensive On-Site Services.

  • From setting up your new TV or computer to installing servers and networking, our professionals handle it all.

  • Upgrade your computer components or replace your entire system hassle-free.

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest software updates and enjoy the benefits of VOIP technology.

  • Collaborate seamlessly with vendors and customize installation options to fit your unique needs. With us, every installation is a breeze.

On-Site Services & Installations

Experience hassle-free installations and top-notch on-site services with our comprehensive range of solutions. From mounting your TVs and computers on walls or ceilings to upgrading computer components and performing software updates
  • Get your technology up and running hassle-free with our comprehensive On-Site Service & Installations
  • From TVs and computers to servers and networking, our expert technicians will handle it all.
  • With our extensive experience in working with vendors, we offer customizable install options tailored to your specific needs.
  • Say goodbye to tangled cables and hello to sleek wall-mounted TVs and computers.

VPN Encrypted Connection

Military grade 256 Sha Encryption Point to Point, Use your Office Resources anywhere you are in the world
  • Connect to your office resources any where in the world securely
  • Military Grade Encryption Site to Site Connection
  • 5 User accounts Included Server / Client
  • Haste Free Secure Connections Anywhere in the World

Encrypted Email Communications

Secure & Encrypted Email and Email-Escrow accounts, Communicate and send sensitive data Fast and Secure
  • Fast Secure Communication - Send PHI Securely
  • Exceeds HIPAA Guidelines for Protected Communication of PHI
  • Escrow Mail - Require verification before message and attachments are delivered
  • Website Embed & Secure Box - 256 sha Encryption & Daily Archive